1533 Stellys Cross Road, Saanichton

The Veggie Table

4th year! Loving life on the Island. From Pussywillows in early spring to winter squash in the fall something is always growing!

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Last updated June 13, 2021

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Update JUNE 13 -OPEN!
Heirloom Veggie seedlings
We still have tomatoes, peppers, marigolds and some cucumber seedlings left.

Current Stock

  • - $4.00 / seedling
  • - $4.00 / seedling
  • - $4.00 / seedling
  • - $2.00 / seedling
  • - $2.00 / seedling
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Parking Information

2 Parking spots available in driveway also available on shoulder, in front of farm stand

Annual Status Timeline

Date Status
May 1 In Season
October 1 Out of Season

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