1539 Little River Road, Comox

Acacia Acres

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Last updated August 22, 2018

List of Items

Apples, squash, plums. rhubarb

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2276 Anderton Rd, Comox

Vegetables, eggs (wed and sat), flowers.
• Farm Gate Sales: 10-5pm daily

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1432 Lupin Dr, Comox

Fresh bouquets from mid-Spring to Thanksgiving weekend. Dahlia Tubers, Dried Flowers, Sometimes wreaths. Floral Pumpkins

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1483 Hillside Ave, Comox

Baguette, Pretzels, Raisin Bread, Scones, Preserves, Seedlings, Seasonal Vegetables, Herbs, Lynda’s Lather Soaps, Healing Salves

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1300 Comox Rd, Courtenay

Eggs, meat, seasonal produce, honey, and bread.

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