4575 Koksilah Rd, Duncan

Last updated July 31, 2020

List of Items

Zucchini, honey, beeswax soap, handbalm

Nearby Farm Stands

4540 Koksilah Road, Duncan

Fresh Flower bouquets (seasonally) & specialty pumpkins (October).

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4530 Koksilah Rd, Cowichan Station

Rhubarb, Baked Goods, Jams, Plants, Dried Herbs.
Coming Soon: Soap & Children’s items

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4552 Bench Rd, Duncan

Free range chicken and duck eggs, strawberries, garlic, seasonal bouquets, plant starts and other veggies.

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4661 Bench Road, Duncan

Primarily blueberries and garlic, but other seasonal fruit/veggies as well. Uncertified organic. No spray, no chemicals.

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